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Truck driving simulator

A novelty in the transport sector, we are the first transport company in Europe to operate its own high-tech truck driving simulator for our own Driving Academy as well as external companies.

The simulator consists of an original Scania cab on a motion platform, so that the cabin can move just like in a real operation. With realistic projections of the environment, driving conditions, weather conditions and other road users, trainee drivers learn how to avoid critical situations in traffic and how to determine appropriate responses to these.

Through targeted training in defensive driving by highly knowledgeable and certified driving instructors, damage to vehicles and trailers can be reduced by 15% as well as saving approximately 5% in fuel consumption.

Training content and relevance

  • Economical driving with simulator and theoretical instruction
  • Driving safety, technology (incl. Reversing - training area available)
  • All modules for GWB C95 (trucks) and D95 (Bus)
  • Practical work on various trailers and various truck brands
  • Fully equipped conference facilities on site