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Frigo & fresh food logistics

Our refrigerated transport fleet offers the very best facilities: ADR equipment, temperature recorder and telematics for GPS positioning. If you need extra transportation space, we also offer trucks with double layer, where you can accommodate up to 66 Euro pallets. The Euro exchange pallets will be provided by us.   

Our staff is always reachable by mobile phone - so we guarantee a fast response time in case of any unforeseen changes.

Areas of application

Our services in the field of refrigerated transport & fresh food logistics does not only include the rapid and efficient transport of fresh and frozen foods, but also of various pharmaceuticals. We have the necessary equipment to bring a wide range of dangerous goods such as chemicals or raw materials to their destination safely.

The temperature range inside our thermal transport can be adjusted between +20 and -20 ° C. Sensitive sensors inside the car inform us via telematics about the current temperature in the hold and guarantee the proper transport of your goods.


Especially for sensitive goods such as fresh materials, pharmaceuticals or hazardous materials, it is very important to have a competent logistics partner by one’s side. The Nothegger Transport Logistics GmbH assures with quality, confirmed by the HACCP certification.

HACCP certificate



  • Fleet: 100 own refrigerated vehicles, equipped with modern facilities
  • Terrain: Europe
  • Temperature range: +20 to -20 ° C in the load compartment
  • Industries: food (fresh / frozen products), pharmaceuticals, ADR

You are looking for a professional partner for your refrigerated transport and fresh food logistics? We look forward to your inquiry!


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