Bulk, bulk goods & Waste Service

Bulk, bulk goods & Waste Service

Nothegger Transport Logistics GmbH utilize a highly modernized fleet to transport your bulk materials safely and efficiently to all areas! Furthermore we hold an EU-wide waste transport permit.

The transport of bulk goods such as gravel, refuse, grain or turf requires vehicles with special features. In order to avoid accidents, one should not only guarantee a safe load in of goods and safe journey but also ensure a safe load out strategy.

Areas of application

In the area of bulk material, bulk goods & waste services, we mainly transport industrial materials, waste, wood chips, recycled goods, food and pallet products, which require the use of ramps.

Our vehicles

  • Walking floor Vehicles (sliding floor trailers), size 35 x 90 m3
  • tipping trailers for intermodal area, with 2x45 m3 transferrable bodies

Not only are our vehicles fitted with sliding floors but also with telematics and union covers. We have an EU-wide waste transport permit and an Albo-registration for the entire fleet ("Albo gestori ambientali"). In Italy waste transports can only be made by environmental specialists who registered in Italy.


Our bulk vehicles transport your goods to a broad area ranging from Austria to France, Italy, Switzerland and the Benelux countries.


  • Territory: Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Benelux
  • Vehicles: 35x 90 m³ walking floor vehicles & 120x 45 m³ open-top swap bridges
  • Certification: Albo-registration & approval waste transport within the EU
  • Territory: bulk, bulk goods, pallet goods using ramps to load in and unload
  • Facilities: sliding floors, covering canvas, telematics

Are you planning on transporting bulk material, bulk product or waste materials? We can assist you with this task and look forward to your inquiry!


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